David teaches his clients how to develop humor. How to use humor. How to adapt humor to their own personality and their own business needs. David can work at a very basic level for newbies or at a much more targeted level for those that have been in the business for decades. He brings ideas and energies to humor that have been a huge asset to my professional speaking career.
— Bryce Austin, CISM Strategist, CEO for TCE Strategy
David helped me craft my signature keynote so I could be intentionally funny while still providing outstanding content. He totally gets how to maximize the inherent comedic talents of his clients and genuinely cares about helping speakers deliver the best possible programs. My bookings, fees and income dramatically increased after having worked with him!
— Theresa Rose Motivational Keynote Speaker
“Thanks to David, Janel and I delivered a hilarious and, by all measures, successful comedy dialogue for our National Speakers Association annual Gala. If you want to add humor to your keynote reach out to David. He’ll teach you how to write and deliver humor for your keynote.”
— Kristen Brown International Keynote Speaker